Unveiling Galore Home's latest additions to its home decor range. Witness how innovation meets elegance looks in every piece of our collection. Explore our latest additions, featuring an array of unique home decor pieces that promise to level up your interior designing skills. The unique selection of home decor pieces takes your living space to new heights of interior style. From eye-catching sculptures to elegant wall art, each piece is carefully selected to bring beauty and personality to your living space.

Bring Home The New Decor Trends

Our New Arrivals collection is crafted with the latest trends in mind. With our unique textured vases, wall art, and other quirky pieces, you can infuse your home with the latest refreshing decor that will breathe new life into it.

Striking Vases Earthy Pedestals

Elevate your decor with our wooden pedestals and glass vases, now available in captivating designs that add a charming touch to your home decor. Crafted with utmost dedication, each piece adds an artistic flair to any room and offers endless possibilities for decor purposes

Uncover The Best Hidden Gems

In addition to our vases and pedestals, our newest additions also offer a diverse range of decorative bowls, candelabras, and many more products that can add finishing touches to your space.

Let your imagination soar as high as you want with our collection's newest and trendiest decor pieces. Elevate your decor to new heights with Galore Home's finest accents. Shop our collection today and bring timeless beauty and sophistication to every corner of your home.

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  • Glacier Glass Vase

    Textured floral or décor vase  Made of glass Available in two sizes and three colors: clear, smoke and brown Small: Height = 9.75" | Diameter = 4" Large: Height =...
    From $ 9.95
  • Lantern Glass Vase

    Floral or décor vase Made of glass Available in two colors: clear and black Height = 14" | Diameter = 9" Mouth blown glass vase that combines style with functionality....
    From $ 36.95
  • 16.5" Long Oval Glass Vase / Centerpiece

    Low candle holder / bowl Premium quality hand-blown glass centerpiece Small: Height = 4" | top = 10" x 4" Medium: Height = 4" | top = 12" x 4" Large:...
    From $ 22.95
  • Cosmos Glass Aluminum Centerpiece Bowl

    Aluminum base with glass centerpiece Simple assembly required Perfect alone or in a set Available in 3 sizes Small Dish: Height = 7.75" | diameter = 10" Large Dish: Height = 8.75" |...
    From $ 75.95
  • Molten Metal Sculptural Candle Stand

    Organic pillar candle display piece Molten lava-like texturing For pillar candles: holder diameters = 3“ Made of aluminum Available in two sizes Small: Height = 20" | Diameter = 7.75" x ...
    From $ 94.95
  • Square Plant Dolly / Caddy

    12.5" polypropylene plant roller with swivel casters on rubber wheels Durable Professional Construction with weather resistant materials Move large plants indoor and outdoor with ease Perfect for atrium, garden or...
    From $ 23.95
  • Metal Horse Head Sculpture

    Tabletop décor Made of aluminum Available in two colors: Black & Antique Brass Height = 24" | diameter = 15.75" x 4.5"  A stunning and beautiful accent, the perfect statement piece...
    $ 169.95
  • Metal Platter Sculpture

    Bronze textured ombre aluminum platter Made of aluminum Available in two sizes Perfect alone or in a set Small: Height = 6" | Diameter = 12.75" x 7.5" Large: Height = 7"...
    From $ 89.95
  • Reversible Black Glass Rectangular Planter

    Made of glass, and features beveled edges Double-paned glass creates a waterproof interior Small: Height = 4" | top = 24"x4" Large: Height = 4" | top = 32"x4" A...
    From $ 49.95
  • Reversible Black Glass Aquarium

    Made of glass, and features beveled edges Double-paned glass creates a waterproof interior Available in two sizes: Small: Height = 4" | top = 14"x 14"  Large: Height = 5"...
    From $ 44.95
  • Black Glass Display Column/Pedestal

    Plant stand, end table, accent table Add a contemporary feeling with this versatile piece Features beveled edges Available in fours sizes  XSmall: Height = 20" | Width/Depth = 14" x 14" ...
    From $ 169.95
  • Lunar Ceramic Vase

    Indoor & Outdoor ceramic planter or flower arrangement planter Made of ceramic Available in multiple sizes: Pot:   Small: height = 5.5" | diameter = 5.5"  Large: height = 6" | diameter...
    From $ 19.95
  • Calligraphy Vase

    Indoor plant or flower arrangement pot Made of ceramic Available in three sizes: Small Pot: height = 6" | diameter = 6" Small Vase: height = 8.25" | diameter =...
    From $ 20.95
  • Eleganza Candelabra

    Metal floor candle stand Available in three colors: Gold, Silver and Pearlized Black Available in two sizes 8 Stems: Height = 58" | Diameter = 14" 10 Stems: Height = 66"...
    From $ 249.95
  • Radiant Metal Planter

    Floor planter Made of aluminum Aluminum speck hammer block Available in two colors Sold as a set of 2 Small: Height = 11" | Diameter = 13.75" Large: Height = 14"...
    $ 249.95
  • Golden Leaf Platter

    Aluminum leaf sculpture platter Made of aluminum Available in two sizes Perfect alone or in a set Small: Height = 7.5" | Diameter = 23.25" x 8" Large: Height =...
    From $ 104.95
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