Decorative Pots and Planters

Adding botanical treasures and fresh blooms to your home decor adds a unique feel to your home. In order to gain that fresh feeling, you must elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with decorative pots for plants. Galore Home offers a diverse selection of high-quality accent decor planters and pots to suit every taste and decor style. From sleek and modern designs to classic and ornate options, each piece is crafted with attention to detail and functionality in mind. Each piece in our pots and planters collection is designed to elevate the overall aesthetic of your home.

  • Modern Designs For Every Taste

Galore Home's decorative pots and planters are crafted with contemporary flair, featuring sleek lines and innovative designs that effortlessly blend with any decor style. We have everything from minimalist large indoor planters to eclectic large pots.

  • Variety of Sizes & Shapes To Fit Unique Needs

We offer our greenery-loving customers a wide range of options in sizes and shapes to let you add warmth and vitality to every corner. Let our elegant pots and planters collection make it easy to bring the beauty of nature to your living space.

  • From Ordinary Decor To Extraordinary Natural Beauty

Turn your ordinary plants into extraordinary works of art with Galore Home's eye-catching decorative pots and planters. Our unique collection of planters and decorative pots for plants serve as elegant pedestals that level up the visual appeal of your greenery-themed home decor.

Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of ceramic pots or the artistic aesthetics of metal, our planters and pots are designed to withstand the test of time. Showcase your favorite plants and blooms in style with Galore Home!

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  • Reverie Ceramic Pot

    Indoor plant or flower arrangement planter Made of ceramic Available in three sizes: Small: height = 4.75" | diameter = 5.5" | top = 4.75" Medium: height = 6.5" |...
    From $ 16.95
  • Canyon Ceramic Vase

    Made of ceramic Available in three colors: shiny white, coral and iceberg blue Available in three sizes: Small vase: Height = 5.5" | Diameter = 5.5" x 5"  Tall vase: Height...
    From $ 19.95
  • Ceramic Chalice

    Indoor planter pot Made of ceramic Available in three sizes Small: Height = 3.75" | Diameter = 3"  Medium: Height = 5.75" | Diameter = 4.5"  Large: Height = 7.75"...
    From $ 9.95
  • Trunk Poly Resin Pot

    Indoor multi-dimensional floor vase Made of poly resin Available in two colors: white, wood Available in two sizes Small: Height = 9.25" | Diameter = 14.25" x 13.75"  Large: Height...
    From $ 79.95
  • Modern Indoor/Outdoor Planter

    Pot with liner Made of poly resin Available color: Black, White Available in four sizes Liner Included Small short-pot: Height = 5.25" | Diameter = 11.5" | Top = 9.5"  Large short-pot:...
    From $ 29.95
  • Modern Ceramic Vase

    Ceramic flower arrangement vase Featuring an embedded pattern surface Made of ceramic  Available in two sizes Small: Height = 8" | Top = 7"  Large: Height = 18" | Top =...
    From $ 29.95
  • Bell Pot with Stand

    Metal table top or floor pot with stand Made of metal Available in two sizes and colors Small: height (Includes stand) = 15.75" | diameter = 8" Large: height (Includes...
    From $ 75.95
  • Ridged Ceramic Pot with Saucer

    Indoor/outdoor planters Including drainage saucer For plants, orchids, flowers, succulents and more Made of ceramic Available in four colors Size: Height = 6" | Diameter = 6.25"  Available in a...
    $ 29.95
  • Mid Century Short Ceramic Pot

    Textured ceramic pot & planters Made of ceramic Available in 2 colors: Satin white and Satin grey Available in 2 sizes Small: Height = 5.5" | Diameter = 6.25" Large: Height = 6.5"...
    From $ 19.95
  • Ridged Tripod Pot

    A fun and unique tripod pot For potted plants, succulents, or flowers Made of ceramic with three wooden legs Available in six colors: Grey, Black, White, Brick, Green and Yellow Available...
    From $ 19.95
  • Modern Hanging Ceramic Pot Planter

    Hanging ceramic planter for succulents or indoor plants Does not include hook for hanging Includes hanging rope Made of ceramic Hanging planter: Height = 20" Jute Hanger: Height = 15"...
    $ 19.95
  • Hanging Ceramic Pot

    For succulents or indoor plants Does not include hook for hanging Includes hanging leather rope Made of ceramic Hanging Planter: Height = 24" Leather hanger: Height = 18.5"  Planter: Height = 5.5" | Diameter =...
    $ 24.95
  • Reversible Black Glass Rectangular Planter

    Made of glass, and features beveled edges Double-paned glass creates a waterproof interior Small: Height = 4" | top = 24"x4" Large: Height = 4" | top = 32"x4" A...
    From $ 49.95
  • Mirror Glass Rectangle Planter

    Made of mirrored glass, and features beveled edges Double-paned glass creates a waterproof interior Available in three colors: Gold, Clear and Silver Small: Height = 4" | top = 24"x4"...
    From $ 39.95
  • Geometric Floor Planter Bowl

    Metal vase Made of aluminum Available in two colors Available in four sizes Tall - small Vase: Height = 13.75" | Diameter = 14" Tall - large Vase: Height = 15.75"...
    From $ 95.95
  • Crinkled Planter

    Made of aluminum Available in two colors Height = 15" | Diameter = 13.6" Contrast the luxury finish of this planter with full, leafy trees or tall indoor plants for...
    $ 119.95
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